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Where has the summer gone?!

It has been a fairly lazy summer for me - after a wildly busy spring traveling and teaching, I was happy to have a couple of months at home with a  week long vacation the middle of July to visit friends. I have used a good portion of  the summer creating next year's Mystery class - I'm almost done with the stitching and registration will begin soon - details to come after I get back from Dallas.. In the meantime...

I'm heading to Dallas this weekend to exhibit at Destination Dallas. Although it's mostly a painted canvas show (so I've heard; this is my first time exhibiting), I'm hoping to introduce counted needlepoint to some shopowners. I'm thrilled to have a good friend riding along with me so I don't have to do the 10 hour drive alone. She is from Dallas and is thrilled to go along with me and visit family while I do the tradeshow! WIN/WIN!
I will be releasing three new patterns. Valentine's Day is the newest addition to the Holiday Delights Series. I especially love all the different types of stitches I could use to make hearts!

Next up is Inchies - this is a piece I taught online several years ago. Each square measures one inch - thus the name "Inchies". This was the first time I left some empty canvas threads within a design - a personal challenge for me that I've since embraced in some of my designs. I usually like to cover the canvas completely. I've shown a couple of my student's pieces below - there are multiple colorways listed in the pattern.

In the version below, the student elected to cover the blank canvas with a dark thread color to create a more dramatic, elegant piece.

Next up is Mint Julep - this was the first piece I created as a teaching piece when I closed my store. I'm happy to be able to offer it to everyone now. It also has multiple colorways listed. This is my original colorway based on the Watercolours called Mint Julep. It's softer in person than this photo portrays.

The next two photos show the Melon colorway - the first is done with light borders like my original version and the second version is done with dark borders. I had a student who requested a "darker look" so I changed only the border color to make the piece more dramatic to suit her personal taste and d├ęcor.  It's amazing what changing just the border color does to the look of a piece. The framing also affects the overall look - I was pleased with both of these students' work.

Until next time -


  1. As usual Kathy love them all....just have too many of yours kitted and waiting! I hope you are received well in Dallas and have a great show!


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