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Color Delights Brights!

I matted 12 of my Color Delights designs together - I've been wanting to do this for a long time to have a better way to display them in a smaller space. The overall size of the mat is 16x20 and the black really sets off the bright colors.   From top left the colors are  Tangerine, Sunshine, Violet, Purple, Fire, Chartreuse, Cobalt, Magenta, Peppermint, Shamrock, Aqua, and Bubblegum.   I've got everything ready for market and will be packing the car tomorrow. I'm so happy to have my new CRV - it will be so much easier to get everything I need loaded in.   Hope you're stitching - I've actually been getting a few stitches in and of course, am working on something new! It'll be nice this week to have some down time before a crazy busy weekend at market! I can't wait to see all my buddies at the show!   Kathy


All of my new releases for market are done and printed...whew! The last completed was BlackJack and I designed and stitched the whole piece in 12 days! Of course it was in my head for months before coming out on the canvas! There are 324 squares in the piece and 292 unique patterns (36 squares were completely filled with the Jacks and are all the same! I love bright colors so this was a really fun piece for me. It's hard to believe it didn't exist a month ago and now it's here - I feel like it's my new baby! Here's the whole thing...   You can see the rest of the new releases HERE  and read my official NDO newsletter  HERE .   I've joined the faculty of the Shining Needle Society and my first offering is Sherwood Garden - I've shown it to you before and now anyone can take the class. I'm looking forward to doing the online class and having contact with so many stitchers!   I'm taking a break from market prep (having the patterns done

Framing...and a Preview

A very productive trip to the framer this morning...I'm getting ready for the Nashville market in a few weeks so I picked out mats and frames for two new pieces. I picked up a few mats I had cut with multiple openings to display all my Color Delights and Double Delights in a more efficient manner - when I get the 40 something pieces mounted, I'll show you a picture! I also picked up my friends Tuscan Midnight which she stitched in the Cool Blues colorway listed in the pattern. This picture does not do it justice - the framing turned out fabulous. The mat is a pale blue and the frame is silver shot through with blue - the whole thing just shimmers. This piece is going to live with my until its owner comes down from Michigan in May so I'll get to take it to the tradeshow and let people ooh & aah over it. It'll also be in the trunk show at Nashville Needleworks the last week of Feb - drop by if you're in the neighborhood!   Here's a sneak peek of a large