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Happy Spring!

We're going to just ignore the fact I haven't blogged in forever...   Here's a photo of my Spring Logs made into a pillow by my fabulous finisher mother!   It was a hit at the Nashville show and my donated canvas was won by Village Sampler in St Albans, West Virginia. I was thrilled to have Pat win it and know it went to a good home! Here I am presenting it to her after the drawings were over.   While I was in Nashville for the tradeshow, I had the opportunity to teach "Sherwood Garden" at Nasvhille Needleworks - Lisa & Emily were great to me and my students were really great! Here they are at the end of class! It was odd to be teaching in someone's shop other than mine but I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to doing it again!   I had a great time in Nashville - I've been home for a month and other than getting ready to teach a class online later this month, I've been sewing & quilting. I made a trip up to North C