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Funky Hearts...

I put the last stitch in Funky Hearts yesterday! I woke the cats up to help me celebrate!! It will be published next month but here's a bit of a sneak peek! I'm now going to devote my stitching time to the Mystery I'll start in the fall. I'm using a palette of colors I've not used before and am really liking them so far. Have a great 4th - I'm heading up to the mountains to spend time with family & friends and hope to get in some stitching time during the drive (soeone else will be driving!). Kathy


Here it is -  finished and ready to be framed! Now I have several other ideas that are a takeoff of this design. It will be a while before I get to them though. I'm almost finished working on my Funky Hearts - I had a marathon session of stitching today and did one whole border - only one more to go! This was the second "Design Day Tuesday" and I'm finding it most productive. For the summer I changed my shop hours to Wed - Sat so I'd have some dedicated time for desiging and writing diretions - so far it is working out great and I have had only positive comments from customers.  This weekend I also picked out three sets of threads to use for the next few Color Delights - I have the designs done and just have to assign the threads - this is one of the best parts of designing! Someone asked about the header above - it's called "Galaxy" and the pattern includes a number of other colorways...I'll post them later. Delightfully - Kathy

Color Delights

Don't you hate it when you type a whole blog post and then get an error when you hit "Post"?! It just happened to me so I'll try to remember all I wrote and try'll probably be shorter this time! I'm releasing a new Color Delights - Chartreuse early next week - it's at the printer right now. This is one of my favorite colors - I loved it long before it was so popular. I have a green cell phone - what other color would I have?! When I go clothes shopping I always have to remind myself I already have a dozen t-shirts in some shade of lime green! At some point, you just don't need more. Or maybe I do?! Anyway, here's the stitched piece: I also stitched it in Christmas colors - it looks completely different when a different colorway is used. I've always loved changing colors - choosing colorways to create different moods is one of my favorite parts of designing. It always amazes me how powerful color is. Here's the Christmas versi