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Around the Rainbow

is the third and final release for Nashville. I've shared the progress of this and here is the final version - it ended up 10x10, mostly because I was out of canvas! As it was, I had to sew muslin around the edges in order to frame it! When I originally started stitching, I actually thought I was going to do a small design but it just kept growing and growing! After each round, it could have been complete but I just envisioned more in my head! I seriously considered stopping after the third round - at that point the finished size was a little over 5 inches and would have looked fabulous in a black lacquered box. However, I kept going and ended up with this! It's all overdyed Vineyard Silk from ThreadworX - if you know me at all, you know I just love stitching with this thread! Of course, you could do whatever you like...even change the order of the squares, colors, or types of thread!  Check with your local shop to see if they are attending Nashville - they can bring patt

New Color Delights

I'll be releasing Color Delights - Sky at the Nashville show. This was a fun piece to stitch and I hope you like it! It's #39 in the series - at 4x4 finished, they're quick to stitch and great travel projects. Next on the agenda is Eggplant - it got the most votes a few weeks ago. Seafoam is already done as I had threads pulled but it won't be released for a few months. Here's a tiny peek as it's mostly covered by the threads I was using! Tomorrow I'll post the last of my releases for Nashville!  Kathy

A Sneak Peek and Mystery News

Due to popular demand, registration for Starstruck, my Mystery class has reopened. Now that people are stitching the first lesson and posting photos, you can see a little more of it. With class being six months (ending in July), there is still plenty of time for latecomers to fully participate in the class. If you've decided you must join the fun, you may sign up until February 19th - we'd love to have you. If you need more info, here's  where I originally talked about it. Many of you know I'll be attending Needlework Tradeshow (wholesale only; not open to the public) in Nashville at the end of the month. There's a lot of buzz about the show - it's sold out and lots of shops have registered to come. I'll be releasing three new patterns and here's the first - I'll be showing them to you over the next few days so stay tuned...  Roseto (Italian for Rose Garden) was inspired by the Gloriana thread "Flowers of Italy" - I used the silk floss