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Pandora's Boxes Chart Update

Pandora's Boxes chart alert: Two threads were left off the Supply List on the back page. They are Sampler Threads Midnight and Pearl Cotton #5 336. The page on the inside includes all of the threads so the conversions are okay. Future printings will be corrected.

Delightful Combinations!

I received this updated photo from Jana, who is stitching several of the Color Delights patterns on one piece of canvas. She is changing out some of the threads to make the colors blend around the Rainbow Color Delights in the center. She calls this piece her Color Delights "Mashup" - I think she's doing a fabulous job! Here are her comments about it: It's not the best photo in the world, but here is my progress on the Color Delights "mashup." As you can see, I used Scarlet in the lower right corner, but basically used the colors from purple, although I used Petite Treasure braid and ribbon. This one took quite a bit of time to stitch! In the bottom center, I'm using the Wisteria pattern, but with most colors from Indigo... mostly. The last one, the lower left corner will be Aqua.   Here's another Delightful Combination - Pam from Tomorrow's Heirlooms is stitching all of the Double Delights together on one piece of canvas. M


I'm home from market and still madly trying to catch up. Late last night, I discovered I had neglected to put the instructions for the border in the Summer Logs pattern. I've sent it to all the shops who purchased it - if you need it, just let me know. Will write more this weekend and show you pictures!

Pandora's Boxes...

is the last of my new releases for Baltimore. This is a larger design (finished design size is 12x16). The instructions are 40 pages and the pattern includes eight different colorways. I really enjoyed stitching this piece, using four different Watercolours along with a variety of other threads (silk, metallic, and cotton - solids and overdyes).   We're off to Baltimore tomorrow - had a great day in DC going to the Smithsonian (Museum of American History) and the DAR Museum. The info people at the Smithsonian sent us there to see quilts but the exhibit was closed so we got a private tour of the museum instead and it was really interesting. I think I could spend weeks and weeks in DC going to all the museums - I loved it. We then drove to Alexandria and went to In Stitches - a fabulous cross stitch and needlepoint shop. I walked in the door and just soaked up all the wonderful displays, patterns, THREADS, models, etc, etc. Of course I bought a pattern (who ever has enough of

Summer Logs

Here's another of my new releases - I showed you bits and pieces while I was working on it. My mom made it into this fun fringed pillow and I have to admit, I squealed when I saw it for the first time yesterday when I arrived in North Carolina! Now I'm in Virginia for a couple of days, going to the Smithsonian tomorrow and on to Baltimore on Thursday. What a great week!

Ready for Baltimore!

I'm just about ready for the show next weekend. I'm leaving Monday though to drive up to NC to meet up with my mom who is coming to help me! We're going a few days early to go to the Smithsonian in DC - I haven't been since high school and have always wanted to go back! I'm also looking forward to having time to visit a couple of shops up there - last year was a quick trip as I still had the shop and couldn't be gone so long.   It has been a hectic week with the storm and finishing preparations for market. We were fortunate to have Isaac not hit us directly but we did have some tropical storm force winds and squalls of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. I wore sunglasses for the first time in a week yesterday - it was so nice to see the sun and blue skies again! I went to the framer today and picked up the frames and mats for the pieces I'm releasing next weekend. I still have to stretch them and put the needlework into the frames but that's a chore for