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Where have I been?

I promised myself I'd never start a blog post with "I can't believe how long it's been since I posted" so I'm not! Instead I'll tell you I've been a lot of places the last two months, done a lot of stitching, been really ill physically, and have done a lot of planning and sketching of designs! And of course, I have photos to share... In May I went to two family graduations with a week's vacation in the middle at my parents house in North Carolina. Of course, we spent a day shopping in Atlanta at the quilt shops. Another day, we drove over to Franklin, NC (more quilt shops!) and I got to meet one of my mom's stitching friends and her sister. She pleasantly surprised me by bringing this to show me! I didn't even know my mom's friends sister was coming, let alone that she had stitched some of my designs! How fun for me!   Dugan stitched one of my Color Delights in her own colors (this is the Sunshine design) and then finishe