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Mystery Spoiler Alert...

Don't scroll down unless you want to see a photo of my current Mystery project in process. These are the first three month's patterns. I'm just about done stitching the whole design so I have to cut and paste to edit the photo to not show it all. I have it all charted but have been writing the instructions a month at a time. I wrote the April instructions this weekend though so I am finally ahead of the game on something - this doesn't happen often enough for me! If you want to stitch along on the Mystery, you can still sign up -see all the colorways here. And here's another colorway from one of the people stitching along. It's upside down but didn't look right when I rotated it because of the angle it was taken from! I love seeing how designs look in different colors - even though I know it to be so true, it always amazes me how different it can look. 

Back from market...

Okay, I've been home a week but the days have been flying by. I've fortuately been making a daily trek (it's only 4 miles) to the post office every afternoon with piles of packages and then working some more when I come home. I can't seem to catch up with all the orders - distributors, shops, and also still liquidating the inventory from the shop on my website I'll be adding more than just patterns as soon as I'm caught up with all the current mail. Nashville was totally awesome. Everyone there seeemed to be in such a great mood and happiness pervaded the air in my room, for sure. [I love blogging because I can write like I talk and not necessarily grammatically correct]. This was my first market being only an exhibitor and not a buyer for a shop so it was incredibly wonderfully relaxing for me. I did still get to run around and see my designer friends and all their new goodies but not have to stress about what to buy and how mu