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New website design

 I'm thrilled to announce and introduce my new website. It's been live for a week or so. You can find it at the old address of - it has a completely new look and is easy to navigate. You can subscribe on the website and then will receive regular email newsletters from me. I'll also be blogging from the website as soon as I complete some training so this blog will be closing down. I'm starting to make kits for this year's Mystery - I ordered some extra threads to make a few additional kits so if you missed the signup and are still interested, email me. Class starts February 14th. You can see all the details  here . I'm working on exciting new designs to release at Nashville in March. Here's the beginning of a larger design I'm calling Gypsy. I loved working with the rich jewel tone colors and the design has a Bohemian feel. I can't wait to show you the rest of it when I officially announce my Nashville releases! I'l