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Registration is officially underway for my 2017 Mystery class. You can read all about it  here. There is a peek above and below. I really enjoyed creating this piece - I challenged myself in several ways to make it more interesting for me to design, stitch, and stay amused! I'm happy to report it is completely finished and I'm now working on something new to release at the Nashville market in March!   Use a color of canvas other than white or eggshell  Leave canvas threads empty to let the color show through  Use a number of straight stitches (instead of diagonal)  Throw in a few beads  Make a more symmetrical design than the last two Mystery projects (Starstruck & Curios)     Here are the colorways I created - the original registration announcement only shows five options but I've done two more because the Prickly Pear and Kelsch colorways from Curios were requested. My original design is based on the Appalachia Watercolour and stitched on Leventeen Bl