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I've filled in most of the background with black now and it just makes the lollipops "pop"! I used five strands of floss to cover the white canvas. I'm really happy with it now and will be able to release this design this summer. Here's a sneak peek at part that's done.. . Now I'm back to working on my Hearts - my latest working title is "Have A Heart!" - what do you think??  Kathy

Hearts...and more

I'm stitching on my Hearts again. I'd taken a bit of a break as I closed down the framing department at my shop last month. We had to move a lot of stuff out as I let go of one of the spaces I leased. Part of the space was the storage closet for my patterns and stuff we use in the shop and we had our classroom over there. Lots of rearranging and moving - it's great now it's all done. I'm enjoying just having the shop now. Here are a few sneak peeks at my Hearts (still no official name but I'm thinking about it all the time!). I have almost half of the border done and it's so fun working with the bright colors! Here's part of the border... And here's the Bubblegum Heart...I need to fill in all the background around it now - it's easier to do the heart first to be sure I have it the way I want it and get the compensation charted correctly! I had to rip out part of another heart and it was a pain in the you know what, but necessary! I'v