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Color Delights...Old & New

  I finally picked up my Spring Logs yesterday and decided on the border stitch and started stitching it - will show you a picture after I get a little more done. I don't enjoy stitching borders because I find it boring but this is the perfect time for me to have some boring stitching as my brain is fried by the end of the day lately. I'm almost done with the closeout shop stuf and am completely moving out of the storage unit tomorrow.   Have you ever noticed most of my designs don't have borders? Or, if they do, they're a mix of stitches and colors! My dislike of doing the exact same thing over and over led to my style of "no borders" and I'm pretty happy about it... I've received some awesome Color Delights photos lately - I love seeing what people do with these small simple quick to stitch pieces. This is Trish's interpretation of Graphite - She had the piece finished into this gorgeous pillow (I cropped it so you could see the sti

Where I've been...

It has been a while since I wrote - when I was in Santa Fe at the EGA National Seminar a few weeks ago, I met someone who told me they "read my inactive blog". I experienced a slight pang of guilt but then continued on my way hoping I'd post when I returned home. Now I've been home a couple of weeks and am finally taking the time to write and catch up! So much has been happening but not a whole lot of stitching has been going on. I've spent the last couple of weeks getting my office and sewing room organized - I got so frustrated with not knowing where to put everything, I hired a professional organizer. I have to say it was on eof the best decisions I've made this year. She came for a two hour consultation and did new floor plans for the office and sewing room. I then worked for three days to clear out the sewing room and go through the boxes in the office. She brought an assistant for two days (10 hours total) and the three of us accomplished more in two d