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Framing & Finishing Ideas

Here are a couple of photos sent to me this week - I love getting them and being able to share them with you! The ladies who sent these are quite creative!   First up is the Rio Trio - all framed together with 2 wires on the back so they can be hung either way. From left to right, the designs are Carnival, Rio, and Samba. She took a little license and changed the orientation - what fun to have them all in the same frame! Lynne says, " The Trio hangs in our bedroom...first thing I see when I open my eyes in the invigorating way to start my day ;-)."   Next up, all the way from England, is Rainforest Crunch. Ann finished it into a bag - what a fun idea!     Autumn Logs is moving along - I'll share another peek soon! Kathy 


the weekend's additons to Autumn Logs...

Starting Autumn Logs

I had a great time last weekend in North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama! I got to spend time with fanily, enjoy great weather, go to a fantastic quilt show, and win some stuff! First, my brother and I were both with my dad for Father's Day and it had probably been 10 years since that happened. Dad cooked ribs and I helped (I watched...he loves that) and we had my 5 year old niece with us as well. Next, Mom and I had a very pleasant day at the East Cobb Quilt Show in Marietta GA. The quilts were fabulous & inspirational. We bought tickets for raffle baskets and I was surprised to actually win one! It was full of lots of great stuff. The books and patterns are from Edyta Sitar, one of my favorite quilt designers. I believe there's actually enough fabric to make a whole quilt and it all works together. I might have to add some from my stash though as I like to use more variety than less!   Then on my way home, I stopped at the casino for a break and won $503 in abo

Sugar Land...

Texas, is where I was last week, attending EGA's South Central Regional Seminar. Mom and I went together and took classes and had a great time - it's always interesting to be a student instead of the teacher! When we drove across the border from Louisiana to Texas, we stopped at the Welcome Center and saw this... You can tell how big it is by the people standing by it. I was somewhat annoyed they were in my picture until I realized you can tell the enormity of the star compared to the people. I think my love of stars must come naturally as I was born in Texas! Next year I'll be teaching at SCR along with my mom - we designed a piece together called "Duality" which combines a little batik fabric applique along with a lot of stitches and threads. Although mom and I are both designers, we have completely different styles. It was a fun challenge for us to do this piece. We make kits up in lots of colorways for people to choose from at the beginning of class - I