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Taking a break...

from kitting and mailing Mystery kits. I'm still waiting on a few backordered threads - they always seem to cause delays no matter how far in advance I plan or order...They'll get here soon I hope! I've managed to get in a little stitching this month - that's the good news. Here's a frustrating moment I'll share with you. I completely finished stitching a new design last night (name to be determined...suggestions welcome even though you're only seeing a little!). Notice the canvas threads in the bottom left corner of the overdye border...yes, I ran out and don't have more. I used this thread for a major motif and didn't like it so ripped it out. Of course, I emptied my little ort basket the night before I finished this and didn't think it wise to pick through the coffee grounds to try and find a little piece. I'll be making a call to Gloriana tomorrow to beg for a piece to be mailed asap! The good news is I'll be releasing this at the t