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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Framing & Finishing Ideas

Here are a couple of photos sent to me this week - I love getting them and being able to share them with you! The ladies who sent these are quite creative!
First up is the Rio Trio - all framed together with 2 wires on the back so they can be hung either way. From left to right, the designs are Carnival, Rio, and Samba. She took a little license and changed the orientation - what fun to have them all in the same frame! Lynne says, "The Trio hangs in our bedroom...first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning...an invigorating way to start my day ;-)."

Next up, all the way from England, is Rainforest Crunch. Ann finished it into a bag - what a fun idea!
Autumn Logs is moving along - I'll share another peek soon!


  1. Nice finishes! I have Rainforest Crunch all done, waiting patiently for a frame... now I have other ideas percolating :)

  2. Oh, No!!!! I just picked up the last of the series from my framer! I wanted to be the first one to send you a photo of all three Rio, Samba, and Carnival together! I did them seperately and "borrowed " how you framed Rio. They are so beautifully bright it would be a shame to put them in an ornate frame and mat. So, I have all 3 in a plain black frames with black suede mats. Where do I send a photo of them? I am so proud and now I am going to do Amazing color with my left over Vine Yard Silks. My e-mail address is merslagoon@aol.com. Please, let me know how to send you the photos? My friend Mary has sent a few of her finished patterns that you have posted in your blog. I want to show off my beauties too!

  3. Can you let me know where to send photos of finished projects? It is August 6,2013 a month since I last asked. Let me know if you want anyone to send you any photos of any of the patterns they buy from you?

    1. send them to Kathy@needledelights.com

      I think I responded by hitting the reply button to an email I got which went nowhere - SORRY!

  4. Hi , I think I sent the photos to the wrong address. I'll resend the " Carnival" series to you. I also have done Sugilite with a dark purple suede mat. I do a lot of cross stitch . When I finish a project, I try to do one of your needlepoint patterns to " reward " myself. I have bought patterns from just about every one but, I seem to enjoy doing yours the best. I just saw the new Autumn Logs , and I am in love :) Please, keep designing, I get such joy from stitching anything you release.