Friday, January 30, 2015

Mystery Class Started Early!

If you're taking my Mystery class through Shining Needle, it's supposed to start Sunday, February 1st. HOWEVER, I just posted the fist lesson. Go check your email and thread your needles!!

Until later, 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Taking a break...

from kitting and mailing Mystery kits. I'm still waiting on a few backordered threads - they always seem to cause delays no matter how far in advance I plan or order...They'll get here soon I hope!

I've managed to get in a little stitching this month - that's the good news. Here's a frustrating moment I'll share with you. I completely finished stitching a new design last night (name to be determined...suggestions welcome even though you're only seeing a little!). Notice the canvas threads in the bottom left corner of the overdye border...yes, I ran out and don't have more. I used this thread for a major motif and didn't like it so ripped it out. Of course, I emptied my little ort basket the night before I finished this and didn't think it wise to pick through the coffee grounds to try and find a little piece. I'll be making a call to Gloriana tomorrow to beg for a piece to be mailed asap! The good news is I'll be releasing this at the tradeshow in Nashville the end of February so there's time to get more before I have to have a final photo.

I also finished my latest colorful design and finally decided to call it "Around the Rainbow". Here's another sneak peek for you with another round - there's one more after this but you'll have to wait to see the whole thing! The overall design size came out ten inches square - I might have done one more round but I only had a piece of canvas 10x10. Yes, if you do the math, there's only an inch left on each side so I'll either be sewing some fabric on this to be able to frame it or I'll have it made into a pillow. I haven't decided yet.
For Nashville, I'll have a new Color Delights - it's called Sky and although it's done, you'll have to wait to see it. Next up on my Color Delights list is Eggplant, Lime, or Seafoam. Put your vote in the comments and I'll do whichever one gets the most requests!

On the agenda tomorrow is going to the dentist - one of my least favorite things to do. I always make my appointment first thing in the morning to get it over with. It's only a cleaning so it could be worse. The rest of the day will be wonderful, no matter what I do!

On a positive note (after my whining above), my Serenity design won a 2nd place ribbon in the exhibit at the Callaway Gardens Needle Arts seminar. I went up for a couple of days earlier this week to see the exhibit and shop in the boutique (wish I'd know I'd need that thread!). Serenity is a new teaching design and if you haven't seen it, here it is - I haven't got it up on my website yet. I designed it to be vertical but the picture of it framed below shows it horizontal - it's interesting to see how the orientation makes it look different. It showed up this way when I added it to the blog so I decided to leave it instead of fixing it to demonstrate this phenomenon. It's one of the fun things about geometrics - you can hang them however they most appeal to you or sometimes which way they'll fit better on a wall or in a grouping.

Hope you're getting through winter - we've finally seen the sun the last few days which makes it a little warmer and pleasant.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wrapping & Packing

I'm finishing up gift wrapping today and packing to leave tomorrow. I'll be spending Christmas week in North Carolina and hoping for a white and not too wet Christmas. There's only a small chance of snow but I remain ever hopeful!

I'm packing my computer to keep up with the Mystery class registrations - the deadline is December 31st so if you want to suggest as a gift for someone, there's still time! And because I can, I'll show you another small piece of  Starstruck! Here's the link to the info in case you want to forward it to someone :)

While the laundry's going, I'm thinking about stitching and quilting projects to take - I'm sure I'll end up with at least 10 things. It's so much harder to decide what projects to take than what clothes to take! I'm sure you can all relate...

Happy Holidays!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Spirit of Jean

 I'm so excited to officially be able to announce a new teaching piece! It is only available as an American Needlepoint Guild Correspondence Course. 

Inspired by the incredible work of Jean Hilton, Spirit of Jean is the result of my admiration and respect for the great contribution she made to the needlepoint world. In using many of the stitches she created, this design is my tribute to her and I felt her spirit as I stitched it. Several colorways are available (

One of the great things about an ANG Correspondence Course is the ability to send your work to the instructor for a critique (it comes back to you!). You don't have to send it but it's a wonderful educational opportunity.

You have to be a member of ANG to take the course - you can take it as an individual or your Chapter may elect to take it as a Group. You don't have to have a local ANG Chapter to be a member. I personally don't have a local chapter and am a member of CyberPointers - you can get more info at

Carol T. was one of the pilot stitchers and stitched the "Green Tea" option - I love that it looks like a completely different piece! At the ANG Seminar exhibit, I overheard some ladies talking about my "two different pieces" that were hanging together. I couldn't resist pointing out to them that they were in fact, the same design!
 Here are a few other colorways (named after the main Watercolour) I chose for the project:

African Sunset



I was thrilled to get my first orders this week as the new Correspondence Courses were just recently announced. I designed and stitched this piece more than a year ago and it was a real challenge for me to not share it sooner.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This and That

Time's flying quickly and it'll be Christmas before we know it. I went to two Christmas parties Saturday and have three this weekend, then I'm done.

I personally call this time of the year my "quilting season" as I spend a lot more time than usual with my sewing machine and less time stitching. I saw this great quilt at the retreat I went to last month and just had to make it for myself. I finished the top and now will quilt it myself on the machine - it's called Midnight Stars and was so fun to make. It was like instant gratification - quick and done! I must make more small quilts!

Here's my Midnight Stars (can't remember the name of the designer) - it makes me happy to just look at it!

I then pulled out blocks for a larger quilt I last worked on four years ago - I've sewed all the rows and now have to finish sewing the rows together. I'm committed to getting some quilt UFOs done - I have too many! I know I'm in good company! Here's my Farmer's Wife quilt - rows to sew and then there will be a border added. My setting triangles are lighter than I think they should be so I may end up dying the quilt with tan Rit dye after it's done to give it a more aged look - time will tell.

I've been stitching a little bit - good news about my missing threads. My mom found them in one of her projects - no idea how they got there but I was oh so happy to have them back! Since I was with out them for two weeks, I did get a lot of the black (boring stitching) borders done since that thread wasn't lost! I'll show you another round and remind you this won't be released for months! I could have stopped here for a small design about 5x5 which would be great for a box top. BUT I want a larger design and have too many ideas for more rounds - there are at least two more and I'm doing them one at a time, making up the squares as I go - it's really fun and believe it or not, I'm only using 12 colors so far.

Hope you're enjoying a little time with a needle during this busy holiday season! 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday Sale!

I'm offering a flash sale for Cyber Monday! All patterns are 20% off. Selected kits are available at 25% off as listed below. Sale prices last until midnight (central time) Monday, December 1st. Email me at kathy at needledelights dot com to place your order and let me know if you'd like to pay by Paypal or credit card. 

A limited number of each kit listed is available and sales are on a first come, first serve basis.

Cyber Monday Sales

Reg Price Sale Price Available
Appalachia 73 54.75    3
Autumn Logs 95 71.25    1
BlackJack 95 71.25    2
Bora Bora 109 81.75    2
Brilliant Color 186 139.50    1
Burst of Stars 149 111.75    1
Calypso Squares 115 86.25    2
Cherry Cordial 61 45.75    1
Galaxy 137 102.75    2
Lavender Fields 83 62.25    2
Lollipops 92 69.00    2
Rainforest Crunch 81 60.75    3
Rainforest Revisited 131 98.25    2
Sierra 73 54.75    3
Spring Logs 88 66.00    1
Sugilite 67 50.25    1
Summer Logs 94 70.50    3
Tahiti 51 38.25    2
Tanzanite 52 39.00    1
Tuscan Midnight 109 81.75    3
Stained Glass Stars 137 102.75    1

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Something new...

First, Thanksgiving cooking was a great success and hosting it at my home was really fun. That said, I have a whole new appreciation for how much work it is. I was so grateful one of my friends insisted on doing all the dishes afterwards! 

I was inspired by the black borders someone used in Colorwaves and posted on Facebook. I started a new design a few weeks ago and thought I'd get to work on it but alas, when I opened my project bag, my ring of silks was not there. I worked on it in my mom's car and am hoping she will find it when she gets home - she was here in Florida and they brought my dad's car from North Carolina so there was no looking for it yesterday! I know what I'm missing so can easily keep going but I won't know for sure if I need more than one skein of any of the colors. Can you say frustrating?!  The beginning of it is above...not sure how many rows around there will be and am mulling about possible names for it - suggestions welcome! This design will be released sometime next year.

I'm off to sort out the goodies I bought at the quilting retreat. When I got home Monday night, I just threw the bags in my sewing room! Real work work can wait until Monday - I'm enjoying my first weekend at home in a month!

Hope you're warm and stitching!