Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Time flies...

when I'm having fun and creating new designs! I've been super busy the last few months working on all kinds of secret projects. I'm almost done stitching a large Mystery design that will soon be available as an online class. This is my fifth Mystery design (you can see the others here) and I think it's my favorite! I used colors I personally love (turquoises, purples, and limes) to stitch my original and have created additional colorways so there's something for everyone. I'm also working on a couple of new teaching pieces and I always have a new Color Delights on stretcher bars for times when I have to sit and wait somewhere.

At the printer now is Ripple Rotation 2 - here's how it started...with this small design. I used an "Earthtone" palette of overdyed Vineyard Silks from ThreadworX. Although I love love the bright colors, this is a great time of year to stitch with these "warm" colors.

Here's how I stitched it and wrote the pattern for it...

And, here are a few options for stitching variations. It's so interesting to see how different the same pattern can look, depending on placement and rotations! Just posting these makes me want to start working on another!

The patterns are at the printer and I hope to have them here next week. You may pre-order patterns and kits. Orders for kits will be shipped in the order they are received.

Until next time (it won't be so long!!), 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Home at last...

I'm almost done unpacking from my epic trip up north and still trying to catch up with all that happened in the two plus weeks I was gone. That accompanied by many breaks to pet cats who nudge me and jump in my lap constantly no matter what I'm doing, and wanting to have time to write about EVERYTHING fun on my trip has delayed the blog post I wanted to write so I decided to break it into chunks over the next few days!

First, market was great fun - seems like it was ages ago! I had missed a couple of markets so it was wonderful to see old friends and catch up with my designer and shopowner friends. I was also lucky to have a non-stitching (GASP!) friend who lives close to St Charles to help me with my booth - we had a blast just hanging out together and she commented that she'd seen a whole different side of me. She lived in Pensacola when I was starting to design and as an artist, she viewed the evolution of my design work and it made for some very interesting conversation. Although she doesn't stitch, she draws fabulously and I only wish I had her talent!

Next up was a few days off exploring the Chicago suburbs - I'll write more about that later...

Then I was on to teach at Tomorrow's Heirlooms in Glen Ellyn. It was a really fun two days with a wonderful group of ladies who were shall I say, very familiar with my designs! They brought finished pieces with them and Pam hung them on the walls of the vacant space she'd got for the class - what a delight to see a "gallery" of my work all around the classroom!

They've done several stitch-a-longs with my former Mystery designs (Galaxy & Pandora's Boxes) and it was especially wonderful for me to get to see some of the alternate colorways stitched up. Above, you can see two different versions of Galaxy (Kelp on the left and Tahiti on the right).
 Most amazing to me was the four different versions of Pandora's Boxes - I'd never seen any of them stitched in person before so it's especially gratifying to see that my color choices for the alternate colorways work! In fact, I like every one of these versions better than the original colors I used! From left to right, they are Ethiopia, Monsoon, Appalachia, and Kelp. They were all perfectly framed and all so different. I spent a lot of time just looking at them! Here's my original version for reference!

For the class I got them started on the Mystery project I'm currently working on...no photos for you but the Mystery Class will be available to anyone in the new year - it's early yet so there's nothing to report but watch the blog for future announcements. I've got it all designed but still have to finish stitching to be sure about thread quantities. I was able to get the last few "very light" colors I needed while I was exploring the thread walls in the shop! How fortunate people in the Chicago area are to have such a great shop to call their LNS! I have to drive 3 hours to visit that much thread in person!!

Next up on the blog will be about ANG Seminar!


Thursday, July 24, 2014


I'm excited to announce the creation of a new series and show you the first offering. After I finished designing and stitching Colorwaves, I was inspired to create more "waves of color" but on a smaller scale. Thus, ... ripples, which are just small waves. So I stitched this...

and then this....
and then played with them a little and came up with this design which will be released August 15th ... 
Ripple Rotation 1
I also played around with cutting and pasting the different sections to see what other rotations of the same design would look like and here's what happened...

You could create any of my experimental designs just by rotating fourths of the design - how fun is that?? I've created Ripple Rotation 2 - a completely different set of patterns in a completely different color scheme and have more drawings of ripples ready to play with! Watch for more in this series soon!

The last pattern I'll be releasing at market in a couple of weeks is Color Delights - Orchid. It's a fun, quick to stitch addition to the Color Delights series and I used an overdyed Petite Very Velvet for the Rhodes stitches and several other textured threads to complete the rest. I chose Orchid because it is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014!

To see all of the new releases, go to my website. Shops may also pre-order or reserve their quantities for St Charles. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at market!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

In full swing...

I've been getting ready for my big summer trip - I'm heading to the midwest next month. First I'll be attending the TNNA Needlework tradeshow in St Charles, Missouri and then am heading to Chicago for the ANG National Seminar. I'm taking a class with Orna Willis and looking forward to being with someone who has great color sense! I'll also be participating at Expo Night. I'm looking for a couple of people who have experience in such events who would be willing to help me - contact me privately if you are interested. 

Before I go to Seminar, I'll be teaching August 22-23 at Tomorrow's Heirlooms. You can get more details on their Facebook page here. I'm really having fun working on the piece and wish I could show you part of it but alas, it's a Mystery! I haven't done a Mystery class for the last two years and I'm happy to be designing another - I look forward to being able to share it and eventually publish it.

I will be releasing six new designs at the show - three of them are posted on my website and I will be posting the other three later this week. First up is Yule Logs - the Seasonal Logs were such fun, that I went on to create a Holiday Logs series; at least I'm planning on a series! I'll be releasing Yule Logs first and am working on the design for Boo Logs (look for it next year!). Here's Yule... I used a lot of fun threads - Watercolours (lots of them!) and one Waterlily (Holiday, of course!), Overdyed Vineyard Silks, Kreinik metallics, and ThreadworX Pearl Cotton. There are 144 different "log" pattern in this piece! I kept thinking I'd run out of ideas, especially as the logs are only six threads but I managed to make them all different - there's no boredom in stitching this!

I've gotten back to my Jewels & Gemstones series and am releasing Copper & Turquoise - I just finished writing the instructions this weekend! Now to proof and send to the printer! I used three different Gloriana threads (Princess Pearl, Silk Floss, and Florimell Silk) in the same color, Harvest Grape, as my main overdye. It's always interesting to see how the different type threads take the same dye. I also used Gloriana's Duchess Silk for the first time - I really liked stitching with it. Also in this piece are Impressions, Very Velvet, Neon Rays+, Splendor, and a skein of Pearl Cotton - you know I love to mix up my threads!

Last up for this week is Sherwood Garden - this was a teaching piece and I'm now making the pattern available. There are five different colorways listed in pattern and the second photograph is the Bermuda Reef version.

Recently I received several photos. First up is Pandora's Boxes from Rebecca in Georgia. She stitched it in the Monsoon colorway - lots of blues and seafoam greens. This is the first time I've seen this colorway stitched up - it looks so different than the Original and I really like it! This was the last Mystery I designed and taught - you can see the other Former Mysteries on my website. Of course, they're not mysteries anymore but they are available and they all have multiple colorways.

Two of our students in Baton Rouge last month finished Duality and sent me photos - first up is DeAnn from Baton Rouge - she chose a thread kit based on Tahiti Watercolours - one of my all time favorite Watercolours!

Shawn from San Antonio chose the Appalachia thread kit - I love the way this came out since I'm such a lime green fan! It's so fun to see how all the different colorways come out - it makes every piece unique, especially in combination with the batik fabric in the center. Such a fun class to teach...

Shawn is now working on Colorwaves and doing it in diagonal rows - it's fun to see it this way and I love that she's posting photos on Facebook! I still miss working on this piece - it was so much fun creating it!

Until next time, happy stitching!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let the kitting begin...

The last two thread orders arrived today for my Sudoku class. I'll be making kits the rest of the week! I'm hoping to get it all in the mail by next Monday. There will a few kits left over if you missed registration and are still interested in the class. Just send me an email kathy at needledelights.com

I had the best time at the EGA Region Seminar in Baton Rouge last week! Our class and students were great and got a lot of stitching done. It's always so much fun to see how all the different colorways look. It was also a pleasure to hang out with a few other teachers, get to know them a little better and laugh until our sides hurt! The tour to the Rosedown and Oakley plantations was interesting and informative. It's amazing that their "luxuries" are so primitive compared to what we take for granted today. 

I'm off to play with thread - wish I was stitching instead of putting it into bags!

Until next time.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Last call for Sudoku Delight...

Today is the deadline for registering for my Sudoku Delight class. If you don't know about it, read my previous post for more details and a photo of the stitched design. Registration numbers have been phenomenal - a lot of people like Sudoku! With the release of Colorwaves making a big splash, taking class registrations, and starting some new designs, I've been busy! 

I've also been preparing to leave next week for the South Central Region Seminar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I'm teaching with my mother, which is always a fun time! Come say hello at Merchandise Night if you're in the area - you can visit the Seminar and see the exhibit and shop at the Boutique, bookstore, and Merchandise Night even if you're not attending Seminar or even a member of EGA. You can get more info and the seminar schedule at here. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new people. Since I work from home, mostly alone, I always relish the opportunity to be among people, especially stitchers!!

When I was in Montgomery a couple of weeks ago, I went to The Needle Bug and verified all of my colorways for the Sudoku class. It's so nice to have the full lines of thread at my fingertip - it' what I miss most about my shop, besides the people. I was missing a couple of threads here and there and was able to find what I liked to update the colorway photos. Here are the finalized photos...I want to do something with Caramels and Paprika! I really like these two as I've not stitched with the overdyes in them. 

Paprika (I forgot to put the overdyed silk in this photo!)


I've finished stitching a couple of new designs and wish I could show you but alas, they are for release later this summer so you'll have to wait to see them! 

Off to unpack boxes of threads to make more Colorwaves kits!! They're so fun I may have to use them for another design!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sudoku Delight class officially announced

It's official - registration is open for my Sudoku Delight class. It's going to be fun! See more info and how to register at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46618682/SudokuDelight-2014.pdf

I had a great time selecting alternate colorways for this design. Most of them are based on Rainbow Gallery's Bravo which I've not used a lot. Some of the colors I'd never seen before in person prior to getting these to select from and you know how my heart speeds up at the sight of new Watercolours (my normal overdye)! Getting these cards of "new" Bravo was pretty exciting for me and the bonus of selecting these alternate colorways is that I now have some great palettes for future designs. I'm certain I'll be choosing one to use for my next design - it's hard to decide which one to use first (there are several I LOVE!) so I can understand why people are having a hard time deciding which to select for class. Of course, like people already have, you can get more than one colorway! You can see all of them from the link above but here are the ones I'll be choosing from for my next creative endeavor!

We're actually having beautiful spring weather today so I'm enjoying the view of the trees from the window of my office while I'm making up kits of my new Colorwaves. I love having piles of threads on my table! I'll love it more when all the boxes leave my house!

Hope you're having a great weekend...until next time,