Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coming Soon...Colorwaves

I'm happy to announce I've finished my big Summer Release - Colorwaves! I put the last stitch in a couple of days ago! I still have to finish writing instructions before it goes to print but the official Release Date is May 21st. This is one of the most fun pieces I've designed and I'm actually kind of missing stitching on it! I used a lot of textures (21 cards of Rainbow Gallery plus some Watercolours, and a few other threads; mucho variety!). 

Pre-orders are now being accepted - this helps me know quantities to order and if you want one of the first shipments, order asap. 

Shops may send me an email through the website to place pre-orders or request a supply list. 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Woodlawn Winner!

Congratulations to Maxine C. who won a ribbon at Woodlawn with Duality - she took this as a class from me and Jeanette Rees (my mom!) at a Retreat we hosted a couple of years ago. We're actually teaching this in June at the South Central EGA Region Seminar in Baton Rouge.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What happened to Spring??

I woke up feeling cold this morning. What wacky weather everyone seems to be having. I couldn't believe I pulled a long sleeve shirt over my head this morning and still have it on this afternoon. I thought summer was imminent but I guess we have a few more days of cool weather. 

I'm plugging away at stitching the borders on Colorwaves - I finally settled on cross stitches with white stranded floss. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought I'd get these done in an evening or two - I've done multiple stitching sessions and am only halfway through. Now my goal is to be done by the end of the month as I'm working on a few other things in between to break up the monotony of the rows of white. Borders aren't my favorite thing to stitch! 

Our local quilt guild had its bi-annual show this past weekend. As a member of the committee, I'm happy to have the event be finished. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and spending time with a few special friends.  On Saturday I did a bed turning (basically a Show and Tell of my quilts and telling their stories). It was really interesting to see the progress of my quilting journey and how eclectic my taste is. I like a little bit of everything - civil war, brights, batiks, and I'm starting to enjoy the "modern quilts". I bought some fabric up in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago and designed a quilt to use it. I've started it and am thinking I may chart a design to go with it. I've been thinking of turning a piece or two of mine into a quilt for a long time and think I may have decided to finally do it!

I entered three quilts and was thrilled to get a ribbon on two of them, especially as one of them was a "Judge's Choice" ribbon - there were five awarded and mine was for "Scrap Quilt" and the abundance of fabrics! I was thrilled when I walked around the corner and saw the different colored ribbon! Whether it's quilting or stitching, I like lots and lots of color and pattern!

I started this quilt several years ago and finally finished it this year - it combines two of my favorite quilt blocks - stars and log cabins. I'll be really happy to put this out for Christmas this year!

Here's one of my favorite quilts from the show - I loved the variety of the orange fabrics and it was a really happy quilt!

Thrilled to have the taxes done and in the mail! I'm spending the afternoon stitching and quilting to celebrate!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools - No Jokes here...

Happy April! I always loved April Fools Day when I was a kid and loved coming up with believable ways to trick my friends! No tricks in this post though!

I just got Stained Glass Stars back from the framer - here it is!

Looking forward to finishing Colorwaves, a new colorful design I've been working on. I've showed a few sneak peeks on Facebook but wanted to share them here too. I'm really loving working on this and hope to be releasing it this summer.

I love using all the colors in one design!

Back to stitching on this beautiful spring day - I'm actually headed outdoors to stitch in the sunshine!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring!

Welcome Spring!! I've never been so glad to see ya! I'm hoping for a long spring - this is my "creative time" when new designs are born and spring into my head. I'm actually working on two different things right now, something which I rarely do. Nothing I can show you yet but here's my Spring Logs - finally time to add it to the cushions on the sofa and put the Winter one away! The first one is mine and the second is from a customer to show you a different fringe - mine has a large cording covered with a gathered fabric - I was in a hurry to get it done for market and didn't have any good fringe so this was a "make do". I like it but think the fringe is probably better!

Back to yard work and stitching!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Releases...

I finally can show you a photo of all of Stained Glass Stars! The patterns are off to distributors and shops today! This was a really fun piece and was stitched all with Watercolours except for the background which is an overdyed floss from Threadworx. It finishes at 13x13. I included six additional colorways in the pattern and you can see photos of them on my website.

Also now available is Color Delights - Lemon. When I took a good look at the Color Delights as a group last fall, I realized I only had one design that was yellow (Sunshine). Since yellow is such a happy color and we could sure use some sunshine around the country about now, Lemon is the perfect project to head towards spring!

Hope you're staying safe and dry wherever you are - it's a cloudy rainy day here - perfect for stitching but I'm mailing kits for classes and packing to head to Texas on Thursday.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Color...and more color

I've had trouble adding photos to my blog and finally figured out a way to work around it and get some added so here we go! 

Here are a few photos I've recently received from people who've done awesome things with some of my Color Delights patterns! First up is Rainbow - Jodi B. added two borders to my original design and really elevated it! 

Jana B. has been working on what she calls her "Color Delights Mashup" and just sent me a photo of the finished piece! She was inspired by this post. She did a great job and even changed some of the colors to use the designs she wanted. 

I've just finished Stained Glass Stars, which I will be releasing next month. There will be alternate colorways listed in the pattern - I'll show them to you later but here's my finished stitching. Next up is writing the instructions - definitely not the fun part!

This is the last week to register for my Shining Needle class "Hope & Love". Here are all the details. I'm hoping get a log of registrations as part of the proceeds are being donated to various causes.

Until later -