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I'm excited to announce the creation of a new series and show you the first offering. After I finished designing and stitching Colorwaves, I was inspired to create more "waves of color" but on a smaller scale. Thus, ... ripples, which are just small waves. So I stitched this...

and then this....
and then played with them a little and came up with this design which will be released August 15th ... 
Ripple Rotation 1
I also played around with cutting and pasting the different sections to see what other rotations of the same design would look like and here's what happened...

You could create any of my experimental designs just by rotating fourths of the design - how fun is that?? I've created Ripple Rotation 2 - a completely different set of patterns in a completely different color scheme and have more drawings of ripples ready to play with! Watch for more in this series soon!

The last pattern I'll be releasing at market in a couple of weeks is Color Delights - Orchid. It's a fun, quick to stitch addition to the Color Delights series and I used an overdyed Petite Very Velvet for the Rhodes stitches and several other textured threads to complete the rest. I chose Orchid because it is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014!

To see all of the new releases, go to my website. Shops may also pre-order or reserve their quantities for St Charles. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at market!



  1. Sounds like you are making headway. I've been busy as well and will be ready in a day or so. Even get to take an evening off tomorrow.

    See you in a month.


  2. I love the variegated Petite Very Velvet Thread ! The difference between it and the other threads makes this pattern simply sing! I also like working with it. Some of the speciality threads are slippery and aggravating. Not this one. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. I started working on Orchid last night. LOVE IT!!!! I love the Color Delights. Look forward to seeing the next one!


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