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Rainforest Crunch Class

Earlier this week I had the privilege to teach a two day class in Knoxville, TN. I also had the opportunity to give a lecture on "Color" at their quarterly Guild meeting  - they have a fabulous guild there with a number of different "Interest Groups" that meet often and then the whole guild meets quarterly. They were celebrating their birthday as a guild and had potluck so of course, the food was yummy and it was great fun to be among so many wonderful stitchers!

20 ladies from the Knoxville EGA group were in my class stitching Rainforest Crunch. I developed three additional colorways for them to choose from and loosely based them on the four seasons, calling the original colorway "Autumn". It's really fun to see the different colors emerge on the canvas and and how different they all are. Even within the same colorway, the pieces all look different because all of the threads are overdyed (Caron Watercolours). Here's their progress:
"Summer" Colorways

"Winter" Colorways

"Spring" Colorways

"Autumn" Colorways

A closeup of the "Summer" - I liked this colorway so much I am using it in a piece I'm designing right now!

A closeup of "Winter" - I may have to design something using this colorway too!

When I was in Shreveport at the SCR EGA Seminar last month, Shawn M. showed me her version of Rainforest Crunch - she used "stash" and here's how it came out...

I'm back to Florida on Friday as I'm spending a few days in the now cool North Carolina mountains - it was much too hot last weekend, just like home!


  1. Gorgeous!! Hope you will post the 4 different palettes soon.

  2. I love the Summer colorway too, I'm into bright colors. And to read you're going to design something new with that colorway makes me happy and I already put myself on the waiting list or as we often say "Put me on the auto-ship list". These are all wonderful Kathy

  3. I really want a red, white, and blue colorway. I stitched the original, but I'd happily stitch it again.

  4. I bought Rain Forest Crunch from you when it 1st came out. I bought all the materials for what you called the Spring color way. Ummmm, I haven't started it yet, but I AM a few days a way from being done with Rio! I LOVE it! Thank you....I am probably going to start Samba since I still have all the Vineyard silks left over from Rio. But, PLEASE can you list or send out the Summer color way for Rain Forest? Thank you, Karen aka Chicago Mermaid

  5. Please post the Summer Colorway for Rainforest Crunch? Also, I have several of your patterns stitched and framed . Is there a place where you would like people to send photos of their finished projects for a Gallery of Needle Delights?


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