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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fantastic Framing...and more

Sarah sent me this photo of her framed "Appalachia" - she turned it on its side and had some really cool mats cut for it.

Another photo from Sarah is her finished "Aquamarine". The framing is simple and really sets it off.

This is Mary E.'s "Amazing Color" - she used this as a "stash piece" and used DMC floss and perles in various colors, metallics (cool addition as I didn't use any in this piece), rayon, and variegated threads. Didn't she do a great job?!

And this is part of a new piece I'm working on. I'm using the overdyed Vineyard silks from Threadworx - I loved stitching Amazing Color so much because of the thread. I promised myself I'd use it again sometime and the sometime is now! I started this right before going to Baltimore because I needed a smaller piece to take on the plane than the large piece I'm working on. I did try to put my large piece in the bottom of my suitcase but the stretcher bars were too large and I didn't want to take them apart. Now this one is almost done and I'll go back to working on my large piece. Although my personal stitching has a gazillion pieces "in progress" aka "abandoned", I seem to only design & stitch one at a time. I don't always finish everything but do at times abandon some or take something out.

Here's something I rejected. Although I'll be ripping it out of  my Mystery, I really liked part of it so have already used it in my new design - it just didn't look right as part of my Mystery piece..and yes, I know the photo is really blurry! I cropped it from a much larger photo. If you're keeping track, the color shows a hint of my colorway! That's Peacock Watercolours and Terra Potta Belle Soie.

I'm off to stitch a little more border tonight. It's boring but necessary for this piece. I don't enjoy stitching borders much - have you ever noticed many of my pieces don't have borders...or much "background"?! I chalk it up to my short attention span or wanting to move on to the next fun spot!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back from Baltimore...

I'm back from the Needlework Trade Show in Baltimore, Maryland. I exhibited my designs and had a fabulous time. My mom came and helped me in my "booth" and I'm always happy to spend time with her. The photo above shows my first Baltimore crabcake - it was so yummy I had another crabcake dinner Sunday night.

It's so much fun to meet shopowners who purchase my designs and share stories with me of what has been done with some of my designs. I asked several people to send pictures and I'll be sure to share them with you if/when they come! If you're anywhere close to Baltimore, go visit The Stitching Post . I let Melinda take a bunch of my models home to display in her shop for a few weeks. 

Here's a couple of photos of what my "booth" looked like - the market is held in an Embassy Suites hotel and we use the front part of the room for our displays and sleep in the back.

And here's a photo of me with my newest designs - I hate having my picture taken but my mom was with me and she made me (sound familiar to anyone?!)

Here are the new designs I released this past weekend. First up is Funky Hearts - 

This is called "Lollipops" - I'm happy to say it sold out! The colors in this photo appear a little washed out - it's actually a bit brighter.

This is the latest Color Delights - it's called Plum. 

I previewed the next two in the Color Delights series - Silver & Midnight. I wish you could see how "shimmery" the Silver is - this is one of my favorites in the Color Delights series. Silver will be released Sept 1st.
Midnight will be released Oct 1st. 

I spent today "catching up" at home and am looking forward to opening my shop in the morning! I love being busy!