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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Here it is -  finished and ready to be framed! Now I have several other ideas that are a takeoff of this design. It will be a while before I get to them though.

I'm almost finished working on my Funky Hearts - I had a marathon session of stitching today and did one whole border - only one more to go! This was the second "Design Day Tuesday" and I'm finding it most productive. For the summer I changed my shop hours to Wed - Sat so I'd have some dedicated time for desiging and writing diretions - so far it is working out great and I have had only positive comments from customers.

 This weekend I also picked out three sets of threads to use for the next few Color Delights - I have the designs done and just have to assign the threads - this is one of the best parts of designing!

Someone asked about the header above - it's called "Galaxy" and the pattern includes a number of other colorways...I'll post them later.

Delightfully -

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  1. Oh, love the lollipops! Yes, keep designing please! Your needlepoint charts are my absolute favorite. Can't wait to see the other Color Delights!