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Early Designs

Check out the "Deals" on my shop's website on Thursday (March 24th) - here's a bit of a sneak peek... and a way to continue sharing my early designs.
See them at DealOfTheDay but wait until Thursday because they won't be posted until then. Deals are good until the end of March...

This is "Tanzanite" - it was my first smaller design (8x8) with a more limited palette and I loved using the bright colors. It became the first in my "Jewels & Gemstones" collection. 

This is Rose Quartz - the 2nd in my Jewels & Gemstones. After doing Tanzanite with such bright colors, Rose Quartz was soft and soothing.  

I then started an "Edibles Collection" with the same design size as the Jewels - 8x8 finished. It's a nice size - not too big and not too small. I include a recipe in each pattern which is hilarious as I don't cook too much! I do however like to eat so feel qualified to find great recipes to include! In fact, I heard from another shopowner recently she made the Rainforest Brownies from the recipe in Rainforest Crunch and served them when she taught it as a class - what fun!
The first piece I did was Peach Melba (shown in two colorways below).
The photo below is an alternate colorway for Peach Melba - I taught this piece as a class and ended up with several great versions of this design. See the other colorways at (you have to scroll down to see them as the photos at this page are listed alphabetically).
My second Edibles collection  design was Guacamole - YUM! It actually includes two recipes from close friends who are famous for their guacamole. I have personally made these recipes and enjoyed them immensely! 
I then wanted to change up my design size and came up with the Destination series - the design size of the pieces in this Collection is 6x10 which means the canvas on the stretcher bars fits perfected in a mesh bag and is great for traveling, which is one of my great loves. This series allows me to explore or express places I've been or want to go!

My first design was Tropic Seas and was stitched all with Watercolors - I love putting 10 to 12 different Watercolors in one design! One of my customers actually met someone on a cruise who was stitching this piece on the ship - how fun is that?!

Continuing with the Destinations Collection and using all Watercolors, I designed Garden Path where I discovered I really love designing things made up of squares. I did use a solid color of Pearl Cotton for the "borders" - I like to put borders all through my pieces or not use borders at all.... 

Oh My Stars was the first design I could "see in my head" before it was interpreted onto the canvas and is probably very close to being my personal favorite of all my designs. I Love Stars and there's just something I love about doing these little squares 12x12 threads. In fact, I'm working on a version of this design with Hearts in place of stars with brighter colors right now... Oh My Stars is stitched entirely with embroidery floss - the stars are done with Weeks Dye Works and the rest is all DMC & Anchor floss.
Hope you have enjoyed the preview!


  1. I have to go to granddaughter's first grade play in AM so hope I get in on the deals cause I REALLY REALLY want Gaucamole!!

  2. Rose Quartz, the first canvas piece taught at my shop. There were several versions offered but to date, I have only seen one customer's finished piece. Hope to get pictures for you of the other colorways! Guacamole and Tropic Seas....two of my favorite designs! Thanks for sharing the history behind your designs.


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