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I design needlepoint AKA canvaswork or counted needlepoint - it's all done from charts and diagrams!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blue Ribbon Winners...

Congratulations to Kathy Raines who won not one, but two blue ribbons at the Montgomery County Fair in Maryland. She was nice enough to share photos with us! First up is Color Delights - Copper; she added some blue to it for a nice accent.
And here's her "Rainforest Crunch" - I love the way it's framed.

Back to stitching on my next "Mystery" for a few minutes tonight ... I got a square done last night and another large section started. Not much stitching will happen this weekend as I'll be spending a large part of the weekend adding sale items to the shop's website - www.needledelights.com (click on "Clearance Sale Patterns" from the Main Menu if you're interested and help me clear out the shop's inventory!).


Monday, September 12, 2011

Stitching Progress...

Although I'm deep in the throes of closing my shop, I have managed to get a little stitching in - you know how "stress-reducing" pulling a needle through canvas or fabric is! I can't show you much but here are a few "parts" of the Mystery I'm working on. I'm about 3/4 done stitching it and can't wait to start choosing the different colorways. Although I'm stitching mine in blues, browns, and corals, I'm imagining it in the bright fun colors I love so much.

And here's a part  of my fun colorful piece - it's a destination but where?? Suggestions? It's almost done but I won't be releasing it until the first of the year - no time to write directions or release new designs for awhile...

You can probably tell by my needlepoint designs I'm an avid quilter; not necessarily an avid producer of quilts (there's that time issue again!) but I love love love quilting. I've learned a lot about color & design from reading quilt books - I actually read them along with looking at the photos! Here's one of my favorite star quilts - the blocks are four inches square. 

Here's what I did Saturday night to relax after a long busy busy week at work - cut out fabric for a quilt I'll put together when I go to a quilting retreat in Shipshewana, Indiana in November... I go every year and am looking forward to it this year more than ever. In the meantime, I'll be working at the shop non-stop with a few sanity breaks every night - some sort of needle to be involved!

Hope you're stitching!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Closing my shop...

means I'll have more time to design! Today I officially announced I will be closing my retail shop to focus on my own designs. Although many of my retail customers are very sad, I'm personally very excited about becoming a full time Designer. It has been very challenging the last couple of years having a shop and releasing new designs. I've felt torn in too many directions. I'm looking forward to having just one business and giving it my all. This is a great thing for Needle Delights Originals fans!

If you want more info about the shop closing (yes, there will be sales!), click Needle Delights Closing.