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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photos to share...

I have some fun photos to share. The first are a couple of pillows my mom finished for a friend of ours - Dottie stitched Burst of Stars (originally a Mystery class) in the Tahiti colorway and Amazing Color in the silks. She wanted them "fun & funky" so they were sashed with Kaffe Fassett fabric and wild trim. I wish they could live at my house!

Here's a closeup of each. First is Burst of Stars...

And Amazing Color...

I received the picture below from Pierrette in Canada - this is another version of Burst of Stars - I can't remember what I called this colorway but I love the way it came out. She added an extra border and it looks wonderful.

Next up is a set of threads I pulled for Galaxy. The Watercolours are Eggplant & Slate - lots of purples & greens. Carol lives in Australia and is blogging about stitching Galaxy with these threads if you want to follow along.
And here are some obligatory photos of my "stitching companions" - they both  love to lie on my quilts! First up is Boots - he's my boy who acts like a dog and sometimes talks to me. He's very laid back as you can see.

This is Samantha - she's my skittish girl - always pretty much on alert to run & hide whenever the doorbell rings. She's very quiet, serious, & smart but loves to play with her toys and rubber bands...don't write me - she DOES NOT eat them - she just bats them around!

Until next time,