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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Curios...a Mystery Class

Registration is officially open for this year's online Curios Mystery Class. It's through Shining Needle Society - if you're not a member of SNS, you can join for free at Shining Needle Society.  Above is a tiny part of my stitching - Waffles and Pinwheels, two of my favorite stitches!

You don't have to be a member to register for class - we can take care of getting you signed up for membership along with your registration -- just be sure to let me know you're "new"! I appreciate the people who've already registered - I can tell you the Mountain Haze and Turquoise Trail colorways are running neck and neck, followed closely by Prickly Pear. Along with Kelsch, the new Watercolours are very popular! Because of the numbers and all my travel in the next couple of months, I'll be ordering threads in "batches" to make kits ahead of time - I'll be shipping kits in the order people sign up so don't wait til the last minute, especially if you're requesting a drawn canvas. I'm already starting to draw them and they take a lot longer than last year's!

I decided to call the design "Curios" as the stitches fill the rectangular spaces that were inspired by a curiosity cabinet. I often struggle with naming a design so it's a relief to have finally decided on the title. I'm happy I've had positive feedback and appreciate the people who've told me they liked the name.

For people who've been interested in my "Serenity" class, I'll be teaching at Kelsey's Needle Krafts on March19-20. I'm looking forward to going to Northern Californian again - I spent a lot of time there with friends when I was in college in San Diego so it feels like going "home". I'll also be teaching at the end of September at Needle in a Haystack in Alameda, Ca - classes TBA.

Until next time (I'll soon be showing you my new releases for Nashville!)


Friday, January 22, 2016

Mystery Class Registration starts next week!

I was fortunate to spend a couple of days at Callaway Gardens this week at the needlearts seminar. It's always a pleasure to be among other needlewomen and wonderful to see old and new friends. I spent all day Wednesday in the boutique choosing threads for six additional colorways for my upcoming Mystery Class - yes, it takes hours and hours to choose just the right shades, tints, and hues! Registration will officially start next Tuesday - I'll post the link here when it's up. In the meantime, here's a preview of the colorways. Their names are the same as the main Watercolour that is the inspiration for each. In addition to my "Original" colorway, Mountain Haze, three of the colorways are based on brand new Watercolours. I also did colorways based on Tahiti and Rainforest, two of my most popular colorways. 

Here are a couple of photos of small snippets of my piece - taken in different light, the colors vary . Instead of trying to edit them to look the same, I'm showing them to you "as is" to remind you not to trust the color too much on your monitor or in photos! 

These are the threads for my "Original" colorway - the Mountain Haze (main Watercolour) is shown at the far left along with the matching Waterlilies thread. The messy threads are Vineyard silks - I didn't have new skeins for the photo...purples and greens with a touch of blue, the piece turns out softer than you might think based on the photo.

This is Prickly Pear - rusts and greens with a touch of gold - I want to design something with this palette!

This is Kelsch - Kelsch is a type of plaid fabric made in France. Reds, blues, and tans, this will make an excellent patriotic version if you're so inclined (and American!).

This is Turquoise Trail - turquoise and rust with a touch of aqua - this will produce a southwest feel and I'd like to design something with this one too!

This is Rainforest - neutrals, browns, and greens, I refer to this as my Earthtone version and I know it will look great!
This is Tahiti - it's bright and fun and one of my favorite Watercolours of all time! This is my "happy colorway"! I don't think the photo does the threads justice...

Last but not least is Rose Quartz - this colorway was developed for a good friend to hang in a special place and coordinate with her decor. She gave me her pillow sham to use as inspiration and it is the background in the photo. It will produce a soft romantic feel with dusty pinks and greens. The 2nd and 3rd Watercolours are a little darker than I would like but they're the right shades and will provide good contrast.
There you have it - which colorway to choose...?! Ponder and add a comment about what you might choose. It'll be fun to see what's most popular!

Until next week, have a great weekend. I'll be stitching - I'm working on my 4th new design for the Nashville market in March! I'll be introducing a new series, something I haven't done in a long time...


Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016!

Happy New Year! Today's the last day of my "vacation". I'm happy I have the weekend before I have to go back to the work of writing instructions, making kits, placing orders, and all the other administrative stuff that I do! I've had a wonderful few weeks around the holidays of designing, stitching, and quilting. Now it's time to take down the tree and watch the Rose Parade, while I  listen to the  seemingly never ending rain. There was one day of sun this week and I hope it returns soon.

As I begin to take down the tree, I want to share my newest ornament. My local EGA Guild does an ornament exchange at our Christmas party and after several years of not participating, I was able to get it together and bring an ornament to the party. I hoped and wished I'd get a certain someone's ornament as she always does some beading (and I don't!). I even tried to cheat and get her to tell me which was hers and she wouldn't! Imagine my surprise when I opened my package to find this beauty! This certain someone didn't make it though - it came from someone else and I LOVE it! Thank you Beckie!! Not only is it beaded, it is a star! And for those of you who've done a lot of my designs, you know I love stars like chocolate - A LOT!

I stitched in the new year (I went to bed at 11 but it was midnight in New York so it counts!). Yesterday I finished a new teaching piece and finished designing my Mystery. I'd hoped to complete the Mystery by the end of 2015 but didn't quite make it. Maybe this weekend...

Although I can't show you photos of the Mystery, here's a little sneak peek - Samantha is getting tired of me working on it...
Boots is just ignoring it
And here's a true "sneak peek" of a tiny portion of it. I was inspired by the idea of a curiosity cabinet with lots of little sections to hold curios - Curiosity has been my working title. Are you curious.....? Class registrations will begin February 1st

I'll share photos of the colorways after I choose them in a few weeks. As always, I'm looking forward to being in a shop where there are complete lines of all the threads I need for this design!

In January, I'm going to spend a few days at the Callaway Gardens Needle Arts seminar. A friend is riding up with me (yeah!) and we'll see the exhibit, next year's class pieces, shop in the Boutique, and do Merchandise Night on January 19th.

February 13-16, I'm teaching two classes at Blue Bonnet Studio outside of Austin, Texas.  It's a fun low-key stitching seminar and the hotel is beautiful Serenity and Inchies are the two classes and both have multiple colorways. There are sports available in both classes. Send me an email if you want to see the various colorways (if you've already registered, I'll be sending this info Monday for you to make your selections).


I am teaching quite a few times this year and will update my website next week with my schedule. I am excited to be teaching at the ANG Seminar in New Orleans at the end of August. This is Highland Circle - a year ago I went to an Arts Festival and wandered around soaking in all of the artist's offerings. I was inspired to create something abstract and this design flowed out quickly the next day. I don't typically draw a design but this one was on paper before it was stitched.

Here's to a harmonious 2016. May we all be blessed with a needle in hand and love in our hearts...