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Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Watercolours!!!

Chart Alert: A couple of charting errors have been discovered in Summer Logs. Click SummerLogCorrections to download them.

I squealed with joy when I got the mail today and discovered a package from Caron Collection with a set of the new Watercolours. There are EIGHTEEN different colors! If you're familiar at all with my work, you know I'm greatly inspired and influenced by Caron's Watercolours. I love overdyed threads and just love putting them all together (see the bottom of this post for a sneak peek of my next "Logs"). Here are pictures of the new colors...call your LNS to get yours! I'll be breaking one open tonight to add it to my current design in progress!

Of couse, I've already played some with them and arranged them into "categories", "future design inspiration", "winter", etc. Here are a few of them. My design juices are not just flowing; they're churning!! 
These are what I call "Multi Colors" - they are a great starting point for a lot of counted needlepoint patterns. From left to right, the names are Black Iris, Stained Glass, Trail Mix, Cypress, Calypso, and Parrot (can you say "Margaritaville"?!).
I can see all of these going into the future Winter Logs...Linen, Dense Fog, Belgian Stone, & Mt Everest.
Here is the beginning of my Spring Logs design. I'm having a great time working on it - it's light, airy, and springy! I'm feeling more in the mood for fall colors with the changes in temperature but am wanting to get this done so a second one can be stitched for market. I'll be donating one to be raffled off to a shopowner at the Nashville market. You may have figured out I'm going to do Logs for all four seasons. The layout of each will be different - I get bored doing the same thing and want these to all be "stand-alone" designs.